After many years of painting traditionally with acrylic, I found freedom in fluid art and paint pouring. It has taught to me let go of the desire for control - on the canvas and in certain life situations.

My technique resembles the process of life. There is so much transformation each step of the way. Each painting begins as an abstract imitation of natures beauty, a canvas of colors, shapes and movement. Slowly, layer by layer it starts to become its own life form. The contrast of acrylic and resin creates depth and dimension sparking the imagination to run wild. As I continue to let the paint lead the way into a creative flow, a form of mental or emotional intention is put into the painting. Weather it be for environmental awareness or the soft heartbeat of new life, my goal is to help remind individuals that there is beauty in the depths of our hearts and souls. There is beauty in the way we feel.

My hope is you allow your mind to release its desire for control and allow the painting take you to your deeper self.


All paintings are made using plant based epoxy resin, recycled cups that are used countless times and water based acrylic. Doing everything I can to stay conscious of the waste that is involved in this type of medium. 

xo, Laura